Rules of conduct for skiers

Amateur and professional skiers, but also snowboard users have to respect the following rules, established by the International Ski Federation:

1. do not put any life in danger when you ski

2. adapt your speed to match your training, the weather conditions and the track status

3. carefully choose the descent path, to make sure you protect the other skiers

4. when you overtake someone, make sure you do it either on the left or right side and make sure there is enough space between both of you

5. make sure that you evaluate the track traffic when you start over or continue to ski after a short break so that you don’t put anyone in danger

6. avoid stopping on the track, especially on the tight portions of it or on the low visibility portions

7. make sure you always use only the margins of the track, when climbing or descending without skis

8. follow signal signs and marking buoys installed on the ski slopes and trails for recreation

9. announce the first aid station when a skier has an injury and provide support for its transportation

10. identify themselves to competent authorities, if he witnessed an accident or caused the accident himself.