About Nemira resort

The Nemira ski track in Slanic Moldova, was conducted by the Bacau County in partnership with the City Slănic Moldova under the “Ski Park Slănic Moldova” SMIS code 3393, financed by The Regional Operational Programme 2007-2013, Priority Axis 5 – Sustainable development and promotion of tourism; KAI 5.2 – Creation, development, modernization of tourism infrastructure for the valorification of natural resources and improve the quality of tourism services.

To ensure the optimal conditions for skiing and to satifay all winter sports lovers’ needs, the track is equipped with: Air lifts, artificial snow facility, snow beating machine, night lighting installation, parking, mountain rescue service.


Tourist attractions


Mineral springs area

The spa resort Slanic Moldova is famous for its springs of carbonate, bicarbonate, slightly sulphurous, chloride, sodium, hypertonic, hypotonic and oligo waters discovered in 1801. In 1852 they made the first chemical tests and in 1877 the first spa facilities appeared. Over the time, the quality of the waters here was confirmed by the medals […]


Route 300 stairs

Stairs (steps), more or less 300 in number, are generally of stone but sometimes are filled with some concrete. The trail through the forest is not difficult and is accessible in both summer and winter. The average duration of the entire route is 2.5 – 3 hours.


Salina Targu Ocna

ENVIRONMENTAL FEATURES UNDERGROUND Temperature: constant, 120 C; Humidity: 50%; Room height: 8 m; Area: 8900 m2; Elevation: 138 m; Level differences to overground: 136 m; Lack of air currents; Saline aerosols;